Running as fast as possible; especially a gang of kids.
"Me and my friends were zamming across the playground, when we crashed into a teacher."
by Rebecca Siddall (age 6) December 19, 2006
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There were two guys Zamming the ice at the Hockey game between periods.
by CAMccm January 16, 2013
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The most amazing guy out there. You'll never find someone with more character and rudeness, but at the same time lovable and hilarious.
I love Zam :)
by EllaMoose June 20, 2011
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The action of taking a test, quiz, or exam.
Can be conjugated following normal rules - for example "to zam", "zammed" etc.
Eugene, not his real name, was zamming all last week: he was totally zammed out after Friday afternoons zam on "The history and influence of macrame during the so-called summer of love on the 1970s BBC program The Goodies, with a special emphasis on the episode concerned with string" .
by Dockwhatsun June 13, 2019
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Word used to say "thats crazy" or "rad". Usually Aussies use this word but it is catching on in other countries. If you wanna look like a sick cunt infront of your pals, this is a great word to use.
by damnhefit November 20, 2019
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moniker of prominent Australian graffiti artist active from mid-1980s, mainly in Victoria and South Australia.
"check it out, another dope ZAM wildstyle piece"
by Zack Bathory March 21, 2008
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