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The art of shoving your wooden plank into her elegant transom and lathering her vessel with a coat of milky sweet varnish.
"I docked my dinghy bow first into her beautiful deep boat slip last night, nothing like a great night of boatsex, Jim"
by hydrostaticlubricator May 16, 2016

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Silver Plume, Colorado is home to about 200 drunk off their ass or high off their mine tailings residents who all love their little town. Half the residents have their licenses taken away due to DUI and the other half can't afford a car. There is only about 200' of roadway that is paved, everything else is shithole of dirt roads and old ziplock bags of pot.
Person 1: "I can't seem to get drunk enough here in Florida at sea level."

Person 2: "Come to Silver Plume!"
by hydrostaticlubricator June 19, 2012

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