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to insert only one's testicles and scrotum into a woman's vagina during foreplay.
"things were getting heated, but i didn't really even like the girl anyway. so when she thought i was trying to get it in, i was actually little nemo-ing her. she looked down, and even though she felt something, she saw my flaccid penis laying on her hips. it was hilarious"
by hurricane boxstep May 03, 2010

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When a woman masturbates to completion with an ancient, wooden, pirate's prosthetic leg.
Once alone again, she retired to her bedroom and began busting a Welsh captain.
by hurricane boxstep December 09, 2010

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Becoming drunk to the point of anger or easy irritability at items around but not related to the source of anger.
the first recorded use of the term "fuck salad drunk" was when a drunk man sat down at a restaurant with some friends, and ordered food. when the waitress returned he asked where his steak was. she said it was on the way soon and set down his salad, that came with the meal. he exclaimed "fuck salad!" and smacked the dish from the table, yelling "i want my steak!". the term spread from there to include all forms of over inebriation.
by hurricane boxstep May 01, 2010

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