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n. Exclaimation point. The result of pressing the <shift> and <1> keys simultaneously.
MdnnaFngrl894: omg i didnt touch your lo mein i swear
Gdssheart4u: really?
MdnnaFngrl894: I SWEAR
MdnnaFngrl894: shift 1
MdnnaFngrl894: shift 1
by hotfrenchtoast May 1, 2005
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n. The semi-spastic body movements one makes while inebriated. This may result in the formation of bruises, embarassment, or an ill-fated epithet.
Partygoers witnessed Denise's progression from tapping her foot to the rhythym to an all-out drunk dance involving air punches and headbanging.
by hotfrenchtoast May 1, 2005
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adj. something that is utterly cool. This phrase had its climax in the 1980s, but is experiencing a revival in indie circles.
Carl, your Nietzsche tattoo is def as eck, though you should have asked your mother and I before putting it on your face.
by hotfrenchtoast April 30, 2005
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