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what girls do 2 get attention from any cute guy looking at them, a form of flirting
girl: i think he likes you.
girl 2: only one way to tell *hair flip*
guy: wow, she's hot.
by hot-holton-punk January 23, 2005

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when u like someone, and u tell everyone, and then that person doesnt like u or doesnt want 2 go out with anyone yet
zoe: ur totally crushing on coby.
me: that cant happen. u were so crushing on kyle, and look what happened? he didnt want u.
zoe: thats y they call it a crush. somebody, namely you, will get crushed.
me: i am totally crushing on coby and im not getting crushed. im gonna tell him
zoe: and ill someday be smarter than a vegetable.
me: ur rite. its not happening.
by hot-holton-punk January 24, 2005

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anyplace that sucks
girl: time to return to hell.
boy: why does yours start so early again?
girl: to make it more torturous.
by hot-holton-punk December 11, 2004

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person who goes to preppy Landon where guys are short and ugly.
'brother school' to holton, man i feel bad for those girls.
holton prep 1: You know that landon-guy i was dating?
holton prep 2: the one who was like a foot shorter than you?!?
holton prep 1: yeah. i caught him making out with some NCS girl, so I dumped him for a St. Albans guy.
holton prep 2: nice move.
by hot-holton-punk December 11, 2004

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