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Another way of saying idiot. I think it was inented by Group X.
Guess what, idioth!
What you did today?
by horror_blood October 22, 2003

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A great movie star. Seems that he'll do good as governer of California. A body builder. He came to the USA with a DREAM. Starred in the Terminator movies as our favorite T-800. If there is a god, this could be a message from him. PS: All you people who don't like Arnie need to shut the fuck up, learn what a good movie is and vote Arnold or I'll kill you!
It's nottah tumah!!!
by horror_blood October 22, 2003

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1) The first in the Wolfenstein games. Used 2D overhead view and was released for the Apple 2 computer and the Commodore 64. It also used voice samples. It was about a US soldier who has to escape from Castle Wolfenstein and avoid Nazi's.
2) The Castle in the Wolfenstein game series.
3) Also reffered to as Wolfenstein 2D, has a sequal and a FPS created by ID software.
Castle Wolfenstein, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
by horror_blood July 08, 2004

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A guy in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Part of the evil family. Is twin brother to Hitchhiker from the first. Has pale skin and a metal plate in his head. Has the funniest lines.
Lllick mmy plate you dog dick!!
by horror_blood November 30, 2003

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A cd with a movie on it. Like a DVD, except worse. More like a VHS. Except it's a CD and can play on a DVD player.
Don't buy VCD's in Maylasia or Singapore, they are most likely either bootlegged or censored.
by horror_blood November 29, 2003

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A hero who looks like a piece of bread with red square eyes and a curved line for a mouth. Has a green shirt with a purple collar, blue pants and yellow square fists. Speaks horrible english and is the main character in Arfenhouse.
"Housemaster, I--" *CRASH* - Joseph, Arfenhouse the Movie.
by horror_blood October 26, 2003

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From the online comic strip Future Retard. A baby sends messages from the future through the tellevision. He basically gives facts on the future which are irrelevant and annoying.
"Inna future, everyting is testd! Inna future we lik da backstreet boys! Inna future, we dun go to da potty! Inna future!" I can go on and on but I'm just too damn tired!
by horror_blood June 30, 2004

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