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1) The sequal to Wolfenstein 3D. It's Wolfenstein 3D with a new plot, different levels, some other stuff and not much else.
2) BJ is trying to keep the Nazi's from getting the Spear of Destiny or something.
Spear of Destiny was kind of dissapointing to most fans.
by horror_blood July 08, 2004

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1) The second in the Wolfenstein game series. Came out for the Apple 2 and the Commodore 64. You have to leave a bomb outside of Adolf Hitlers room. And you also have to avoid Nazi's.
2) See Castle Wolfenstein
Castle Wolfenstein, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D, Return to Castle Wolfenstein
by horror_blood July 08, 2004

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Singapore's real name.
Moron: Buy Nightmare on Elm Street from VCD shop lah!
ME: FUCK NO! I'll get the uncensored one from a place with REAL movies, like Amazon!
by horror_blood March 02, 2004

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Heres an improved definition.

A Japanese movie. This movie is about, basically, a government plan to reduce poverty levels by getting rid of the one thing that keeps them down, the youth of the nation. The thing is, the government passed a law called the BR act. In it, a class of 9th grade students is put on a completely deserted island with explosive collars on. If they try to take it off, it explodes. If they are in a danger zone, it explodes and any of the people who run the contest can detonate it using a remote, too. If there is more than one survivor by the end of the 3 days, all of the collars explode. Each student is given a pack with food, water, a map, a flashlight and most importantly, a weapon. SOme get cool weapons (guns), some get average weapons (sharp objects), while others get completely screwed (Nannahara's pot-lid, for example). In the movie, the class that is chosen is also given 2 new transfer students. One of the transer students (Kawada Shugo) is experienced and knows a way out. The other transfer student (Kiriyama Kazuo) is psychotic and crazy. This movie, in my opinion, is great and should be watched by everyone. It is good in every categorie (except for family friendlieness, but who looks for that?) and pretty entertaining while at the same time thought provoking! Another interesting note is that it was based off a novel and also has a manga.
I'm American but I'm not some wapanese, I liked Battle Royale alot for what it was, not just because it was Japanese.
Fav part? Probably when Kitano shot his cell phone. Best hang-up EVER! BR 2 isn't that good but it's okay.
by horror_blood August 22, 2004

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An attack from Arfenhouse that usually belongs to Evil Kitty/Good Kitty.
I guess she hits you really hard or something.
U SUK AMEE!1 I BAT YOU!!!1-Good Kitty, Arfenhouse: the Movie
by horror_blood December 03, 2003

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A killer Pringle can from the Arfenhouse series. Usually let's out a threatening "BUH!" or "BOOF!" and chases people.
"NOT ZO! IT BEZ TEH RUNNIGN OF TEH BUHHAZ!" - Housemaster, Arfenhouse The Movie
by horror_blood October 26, 2003

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A fighting game in which you use turn taking strategies rather than moving around freely. Obviously based off of an anime.
Since it was in Japanese, I had no idea what I was doing until I hit the ground.
by horror_blood June 30, 2004

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