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A secret society of only the most powerful and greatest of all individuals in existence. These individuals enjoy the benefits of their membership; awesome power, exclusivity from "normals"(everyone else not in the Illustriati), greatness, great sense of love for self, staggeringly huge ego, and many other perks. Often individuals in this group feel they are giving to society by just existing and that the world is a better place for that fact. Membership is as easy as thinking you belong but, many people are afraid to embrace their membership for fear of the intense violent jealousy from the "normals". Members can be identified by doing super good things like adopting a baby from another country, being a scientologist, chaining oneself to a tree to save it, getting a DUI when you can afford a thousand drivers for life, getting caught by dateline in a kiddie porn setup, the list just goes on.
I am not trying to out him or anything but Donald Trump's recent behavior suggests he might be a member of the Illustriati.
by hood4u July 26, 2007
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