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A new dance move that involves raising both of your hands in the air, and moving them side to side, to give the illusion that one is in fact drying their back with a towel. Variations in the word "dry" and "your" can indicate whether the act has happened, is happening, or is about to happen, and also who in fact is partaking in drying their back on the dance floor.
"Bro, get out on the dance floor and Dry Your Back."
"No thanks brah, I don't want to get all these girls wet."
by hoffer606 August 18, 2011
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Describes the level of how hot a woman is that you see in the casino. Typically they are truly a 6, 7, or possibly an 8, but because of the high proportion of dongs in the casino, and the low amount of women that aren't over the age of 50, their attractiveness is elevated because of absence of any attractive women at all. This word is more relevant to Midwestern USA casinos than most other areas, but the term can be used all over to describe an area that has a very low amount of attractive women.
"Look at that casino 10 over there. Should I go invite her back to the room?"

"Only if you are a fan of meth and STDs. But you better hurry before I do it first."
by hoffer606 January 14, 2012
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The act of depriving yourself of oxygen while masturbating. Often referred to as auto-erotic asphyxiation.
I just want to go home, light some candles, and suffocrank
by hoffer606 February 08, 2014
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