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To the general public:
A large city on the United State's east coast

To the people who live there:
The center of the universe
I've got a 4:30 flight to New York tomorrow.

Other cities? What do you mean?
by hoboace September 27, 2007

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Anyone who is not swayed by public opinion. They could be the nerdy kids who go to the downtown library or a the religious kid or anyone.
Ironically, there is a sub-set of conformism where people will start wearing all black, get a couple piercings, and start listening to goth music while telling people they are "non-conformists." These people are really, really annoying.
He started listening to Voltaire, he thinks he's such a non-conformist,but he's just following a different crowd.
by hoboace September 24, 2007

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1. The act of kicking someone in the chest after they incorrectly identify something with an "a" at the end.

2. Kicking someone in the chest.

Both derived from the famed scene in 300
Person A: Aww, I see you're playing a xylophone.

Dude did you see that UFC fight? That guy just totally got sparta kicked.
by hoboace November 26, 2007

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1. When you have multiple cereals, but none of the boxes has enough to make one bowl of cereal, so you mix two or more cereals to make one full bowl.

2. When you have two or more cereals in one bowl.
Lucky Charms, Rice Krispies, Fruity Pebbles, Chocolate Rice Krispies, Cookie Crunch, Frosted Flakes, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Chocolate Lucky Charms can combine to make the Holy Grail of Cereal Orgy's!
by hoboace November 25, 2007

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A condition where a person, who is typically picked on and made fun of, develops a deep crush on the first person who is nice to them. Named after the tendency for beaten dogs to follow around people who feed them. APS is characterized by:

-The writing of long love letters and notes, signing them as "Secret Admirer"
-The following of the nice person around the halls of your school, office building, or any other place where people assemble
-Excessive staring
-Writing the nice person's name over and over and over again
-Awkward smiling
Nice Person: I defended that nerdy girl in front of a couple football guys and now she keeps staring at the back of my head in Math!

Nice Person's friend: I told you not to get involved, now you've got a full-blown case of Abused Puppy Syndrome on your hands.
by hoboace October 05, 2007

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An Avril-Hater can come in two forms. They're a person who:

A) is over thirteen
B) has an IQ above 100 and doesn't have to buy every single bit of genero-pop record companies put out.
Avril-fan 1: Ooooo mi god, hes sukh an avril-hater! It make me so angy i wan 2 go sk8-bored baly!
Avril-fan 2: Gracious me! I've just heard some actual music. With you know, meaning and an actual rhyme-scheme. I've got to go return this tie to my brother.
by hoboace September 27, 2007

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Nerd terminology for erections
When she walked by I whipped out my long-sword
by hoboace September 27, 2007

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