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An Avril-Hater can come in two forms. They're a person who:

A) is over thirteen
B) has an IQ above 100 and doesn't have to buy every single bit of genero-pop record companies put out.
Avril-fan 1: Ooooo mi god, hes sukh an avril-hater! It make me so angy i wan 2 go sk8-bored baly!
Avril-fan 2: Gracious me! I've just heard some actual music. With you know, meaning and an actual rhyme-scheme. I've got to go return this tie to my brother.
by hoboace September 27, 2007
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A person who hates music artist, Avril Lavigne.

See obsessed, jealous, childish, follower, unoriginal.
Follower: "Wooooo! I hate Avril and can like, TOTALLY define "punk"! Hee hee! Go meeeeeee! Join my Avril-Hater Blog! Next week, we're discussing how like, totally DISGUSTING her toe nail polish is! Haha that'll show her!"

o_O Oh my, how original...
*clap* . . . *clap* . . .
by nickchik April 18, 2006
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An avrilhater is a lame loser who spends their time going on avril sites and saying how much they hate her.They have no life and are sad sad people.
sad people with no life who have no respect for a very talented woman
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