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adj. Term used to describe someone/something that posses characteristics of the hood, projects, or ghetto
Drinking kool-aid out of mayonnaise jars = hoodish refreshments
Egg sandwiches = hoodish lunck
Paying more for rims than you did for your car = hoodish upgrade
Fried bologna = hoodish culinary arts
Having three half-brothers and four half-sisters = hoodish family tree
Combining your name with your man’s to name your kid = hoodish parenting
Playing “ring-around-the-chalk line” = hoodish childhood
by hobitkilla May 25, 2006
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noun: get-toe ten-dan-sees

The overwhelming compulsions that drive otherwise civilized people to do stupid things that they KNOW are just plain ghetto. Usually harbored by non-ghetto folks who have had early (perhaps childhood) exposure to the ghetto/hood/projects. Some believe that this phenomenon supports the theory that, “you can take people out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of people”.
Person 1: Did you see that congresswoman from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney? Dat chick punched the shit outta that cop at the capitol!

Person 2: Ghetto tendencies, dawg. Ghetto-ass tendencies!
by hobitkilla May 25, 2006
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Misstatement made by George W. Bush that makes people wonder if he is stupid or evil.
Bushism during White House Speech, Oct 27 2003:

George W. Bush: “The vast majority of Iraqis want to live in a peaceful, free world. And we will find these people and we will bring them to justice.”

Peaceful Iraqi Civilians: WTF?!?!
by hobitkilla May 26, 2006
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adj. bhoo-shee

Term used to describe someone of lower class origins who shuns his/her background as they ascend the class structure. The term originates from the Marxist word “Bourgeoisie”, which was a term used to define the minority upper-class that controlled pre-Soviet Russia.

Often used by black folks to belittle or hate on other black folks that attempt to better their lives.

Also used to describe a person who tries to be upper class despite a lack of monetary resources and social connections.

DeMarcus and me used to hoop on Saturday. After he got his law degree, he got all bourgy on me and started playin’ golf.

She think she somethin’ just caused she got that nice house uptown. Got her kids playin soccer and shit. That bourgy bitch ain’t no better than me! We grew up in the same damn hood!

Person 1: Doesn’t Sean live in a trailer and work three jobs? WTF is he doing tying to join the country club?
Person 2: Man, you know he likes to do all that bourgy stuff. That’s why he got the 3rd job.
by hobitkilla May 25, 2006
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When a drug dealer/trafficker dismantles his operation and reestablishes it in another part of town or out of town. Involves finding new buyers and possibly new suppliers. Generally the result of a run in with police or a confrontation with a rival dealer. The intent is to avoid being killed or arrested.

Boosey’s girl snitched to the cops about those keys he was moving outta his mom’s house, so he has to change route.

From BG’s song Doing My Thang:
“Just as quick as I can open shop and move a brick out I change route,
I feel that vibe, I'm good at scoping shit out”.
by hobitkilla May 26, 2006
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