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An epic way to say that what you have said is law and/or true and anything contrary is irrelevant and untrue
You're an idiot.

How the fu-

by hewhosubmitswords September 10, 2009

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When your biking and your front tire rubs up against the person in front of you's back tire causing a sound similar to a fart.
Haha! Did you hear that tire fart?
by hewhosubmitswords September 09, 2009

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A term coined by Benny from George Lopez which means you sense ho's (whores) in the vicinity.
Woah we've got a bogie on my ho-dar, 6 o' clock.
by hewhosubmitswords August 25, 2009

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when women or any other female forces their husbands/boyfriends/boy that's a friend to hold all there stuff for any outdoor event
So how was yesterday?
Horrible, my wife forced me to be the pack male for their feminist group outing.
by hewhosubmitswords September 01, 2009

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a laconic/silent/quiet comedy, that's funny, but not funny enough to get an actual laugh, usually just a smile
so what'd you do last night?
just watched a lacom
by hewhosubmitswords August 19, 2009

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a really freaky weekend
i just had the worst freakend ever
by hewhosubmitswords August 19, 2009

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