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Something dumb...
Windows update is a fancy term for fucking up your pirated copy of windows.
by Helga February 13, 2004

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An old english term used nowadays for beef jerky.
Old: Question not thy clams nor thy jerk-id beef, tis' a favorite of thy fiend maker and thy fiend.

New: Hey ya'll, I b fo' shizzilin' for some jerk-id beef here!
by helga October 16, 2003

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to be messing up.
no time 4 messin up, bustin up, jus cant lesin up, keep da stressin up.
by helga May 12, 2003

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The stero type of a prep is a cheerleader thats blonde and a jock that spikes his hair. Thats not true if you shop at abercrombie or hollister and have money that doesn't make you a snob either. People that are snobs should be jugded by how they act and how they talk not where they shop. its just a stupid store, people shop there because they like the clothes not because its the "cool thing to do".
A prep is someone who says like, as if, or whatever all the time, not people who shop at abercrombie and have money thats what people think but they are wrong
by helga June 07, 2004

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