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When someone knocks on your door and everyone freezes, much like Anne Frank in the attic when the Nazis came around.
"Man, how was your party last night?"

"Good, but we had to play like ten rounds of nazi freezetag with the landlord"
by helenkellervsannefrank January 07, 2010

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The tolerance a man has for his testicles being touched.
"So I tried to spice up the blowjob I was giving last night, but Chris freaked out"

"Oh yeah? How come?"

"I went in for the change purse, and that guy has NO ballerance"
by helenkellervsannefrank April 29, 2010

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Similar to a reformat, a rageformat is a re-installation of a computer's operating system done in anger, rage and desperation.
did you fix the computer?

yeah, but after four hours of trying I gave up and just did a rageformat
by helenkellervsannefrank September 01, 2010

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