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saying things or planning things you dont actually intend on doing, often brought about by an extended period of staring at the various shapes that clouds make
in the simpsons, the bullies were making cloud talk about removing the head of the statue of jebediah springfield, but were mad when it actually happened
by hauntedfox August 25, 2009
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when, in the middle of pooping, you think you are done but end up having to go again 10 minutes later.
people asked if i was sick or something when i went to the bathroom 3 times in a row, but it was really just a continuation poo
by hauntedfox March 4, 2009
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...they even have some of that high class british porn!

"almost...almost...almost...there we are"

"well done"
by hauntedfox May 5, 2009
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a 16 foot tall snowman annually built near anchorage. in late 2008 city officials ordered the makers to cease and desist, despites its popularity that reached reporters from japan and russia
how lame is that? snowzilla's creators had spent hours working on it when the order went up.
by hauntedfox December 23, 2008
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when someone has no thumbs up and 1 thumb down. pathetic enough to have a thumb down, but not noticed enough to have multiple thumbs down. aka the epitome of self pwnage multiplied by everyone who overuses lol.
someone who has 1 thumb down racks up so many nub points that they are court ordered to have their testicles removed

they also vaporize in the presence of Chuck Norris
by hauntedfox August 31, 2008
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