Another way of saying "see you later". Can be abbreviated to TTFN, but there isn't much point if it still has the same number of syllables.
Guy: Well, ta ta for now!
Guy 2: Bye.
by theforgottenspark December 24, 2006
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Another way of saying "OK! THAT'S IT! FUCK OFF!"
Did you know that guy pulled a Swapneel?! Apprently he...
; OMG! I'd love to listen to but I have work. Ta ta for now
by Bubby gg December 25, 2021
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Phrase spoken by a female to express her wish to a male that he touch her only above the waist for the time being
Guy (having had his arm gently pushed away when he was reaching under his girl’s skirt): Ah --- is it “that time of the month”, honey?
Girl (in a somewhat sorrowful tone from having to disappoint a guy whom she really likes a lot): Yeah, it is… sorry. I’m afraid it’s just ta-tas for now… I’m all yucky-messy “down there”.
by QuacksO March 5, 2012
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