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possibly a word that originally rooted from the phrase "good night" in australlia.
im goning to bed, g'night
by harry potter February 19, 2003

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County in England
Flat county
by Harry Potter January 20, 2004

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A term to define your mum
Fatpete's hot

fatpete is a bitch

I just pulled fatpete etc etc etc
by Harry Potter January 13, 2005

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when something is reallly nasty
"the dinner was ISH!"
by Harry Potter March 04, 2005

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A Fuck Doll for prison inmates.
by Harry Potter November 01, 2003

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Definition - a bhoasting individual

(see the definition for bhoast)
1) Yaagnika is a yosef.

2) Mr. Ma made the test up on the spot? That yosef!
by harry potter January 29, 2005

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gay fag prep fuckers

see all american rejects,fag,fucker,prep,shit
Gay Fag 6th grader: Did you see the All American Rejects in concert last night? they r0x0rs!!
Wise person: You mean the All American Rejected Retards?
by Harry Potter April 10, 2005

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