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1. A Sunday funny strip run from 1940-85
2. A guy who is nice and loves the women!
Man I wish all guys were like Dondi
by dwigg25 June 18, 2010
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A freakin genius. You'll never know what this person is up to because they pretend they are aloof.
while you THOUGHT he was playing with his toys, and being a baby, he was pulling a dondi and planning to take over the world!
by adminmu February 07, 2010
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A dondi is one who act as if he is a little kid. A dondi plays with baby toys and cannot take care of himself.
All the dondi wanted to do was play with his blocks and make immature noises.
by silentalarm August 30, 2006
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noun quitter, one who quits or gives up.
verb the action of quitting or stopping.
n. He is such a dondi.
v. He got tired and dondi'd. He should just dondi life.
by q3vocabulary January 07, 2006
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