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small chunks of shit floating nearby or a small or short person that smells of shit.
"look at all of the little shitoids in the pool" or "dude, stop being such a little shitoid!"
by haloman332 June 03, 2009

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Some one who is on edge or nervous most of the time.
Guy 1: "Dude, stop being like a Black President's security"

Guy 2: "Sorry, I just forgot to study for the test!"
by haloman332 April 19, 2010

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People who type 1337 (Shortened versions of words, i.e. tht is frkin awsum, thx.) but actually extend the word, not shorten it.
1337: tht is frkin awsum, thx. ths wil go gr8 wit my cokies

Long 1337: thhat iss frkin awsumm, thnx. thiis wil go gr88 withh mah cookiees.
by haloman332 February 28, 2010

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