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To send a message, ringtone, image or file via Bluetooth to someone's mobile phone who you don't know.
<beep> <beep> Ehhh? I must've been bluejacked! Who would've sent me that?!?
by Gunter November 04, 2003

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- orginiating from Battlefield 1942 multiplayer; literally emulates the sound of something getting blown up - in the game - when plane falls down, or two vehicles crash - now used to indicate a large explosion or similar occurence in video game
by gunter July 04, 2003

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the best damned dodgeball team at clemson university
"Dude, we totally got our asses kicked by Doin It Spanish."
by Gunter March 15, 2005

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- noun, originating from rap music, first heard used by Birdman a.k.a. Baby from Cash Money Millionaries; used to describe weak, loser indvidual/s or underachievers; similar to 50 cent's wanksta
"listen to this dope track, you pantarants"
by gunter July 06, 2003

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