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wears all black, works corporate, looks almost normal, comes in late with a quad-shot mocha, is very 'dark' but doesn't buy into the whole 'vampire-romantic' goth scene. technology is the 'dark master'.
you probably know several and don't know it.
by Gryfin October 10, 2003
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a bad name to call someone, to be used when in mixed company.

technically it's a small piece of poop that lodges in the urethra during anal sex.
stop being such a weenie turd and leave me alone!
by Gryfin March 24, 2004
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clapping before the performance is done.
It was so embarrassing when all you could hear was the soloist's aria and John's premature adulation in the auditorium.
by gryfin December 13, 2011
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see also wordywordybastard this is the lighter version of it. when someone just seems to go on and on usually in a blog or journal and always has some long rant that most likely makes no sense to anyone, including the person writing it all out.
Jake sure is being wordy today! He will become a wordywordybastard if he doesn't quit soon!
by Gryfin November 04, 2005
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a style that takes the school girl and nerd looks to the next level. it's very hot for those that chase brains, with dark heavy framed glasses, little make-up, simple hair, mary jane shoes and a plaid skirt for females, and glasses, slacks, and button-up shirt with a forrest gump haircut for males. usually. usually these people are very good with technology and are seeking others of same mind. they have excellent manners and a great personality. airheaded models need not apply.
there are too many.
by Gryfin February 24, 2004
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a combination of people, pickles, and fecal matter
oh man, that dude is such a pecal.
by gryfin March 18, 2011
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mainly found outside of recreational sporting goods stores and in the parking lots of state parks, these vehicles are usually old & beat up station wagon types with empty cargo racks on top and empty dog gates in the back. Nobody is ever certain what the purpose of them is, but the owners are very possessive.
I love driving my sub3ru. you just wish you were cool enough to drive a piece of shitheap car and still be cool... oh yes, indeed. so if you ever want to try being that cool we should trade cause my car is all about being that cool....
by Gryfin November 07, 2005
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