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A noisy or otherwise annoying child. The term is similar to 'rug rat' or 'yard ape' but is intended to be purely derogatory and not in the least affectionate.

Background? I've been using the term for years, but not sure if I invented it or picked it up from somewhere else...
Some screeching rodent ruined the movie for me.
by growe March 24, 2005

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A woman who takes offence at the smallest slight or insult, holds a grudge forever and makes life miserable for those around her. Huffbitches are frequently found in managerial positions in large companies or institutions, and cause torment and stress for anyone working for them.
The huffbitch is blocking my promotion because I borrowed her coffee cup without asking her.
by growe April 20, 2005

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A typical administrator in a company or public institution. An adminibot slavishly follows rules irrespective of whether they make sense or give rise to the best outcome.
The adminibots have decided to tear down the existing student residences and build new ones in exactly the same place.
by growe April 19, 2005

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Acronym standing for "Man In Grey (suit)", sometimes also given as MIGS, although this is usually used for the plural. A MIG is a stereotypical administrator - someone whose main concern is the creation and maintenance of usually pointless and obstructive rules in a large organization. Typically a MIG has little sense of humour and even less concern for the personal happiness or welfare of an organization's staff. They are usually easy to spot in places such as universities as they are the only ones wearing ties...
We're getting a visit from the quality assurance MIGs today.
by growe March 24, 2005

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