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A disorder of the brain characterized by the inability to hear a song without being able to hear the Weird Al version's lyrics over the music.
I was listening to Coolio's Gangstas Paradise, and all I could hear was Amish Paradise. I must have Weird Al Syndrome.
by greenknight04 August 23, 2010

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Sarcasm without any of the associated facial expressions or changes in tonality. Used either by A) people exceptionally skilled in sarcasm, who do not even need to use other expressions to be sarcastic or B) those unskilled in sarcasm, who don't quite understand how sarcasm works.
I don't think my sister understands sarcasm, judging by the android sarcasm in her delivery of "sure mom, squid penis for dinner would be great."

Jim was so skilled with sarcasm that he didn't even need to change his expression- his android sarcasm was impeccable.
by greenknight04 August 25, 2010

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A person who is exceptionally obnoxious or high-and-mighty because they regularly use marijuana. Generally demonstrate a bragging nature both when using drugs and when not using drugs, when they feel they can brag about doing pot.
Ben is always talking about his adventures when he's high. He's such a grass-hole.

Jim can be such a grass-hole when we light up together- he's always so macho.
by greenknight04 January 03, 2010

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The act of demonstrating one's own wealth for the sake of ego masturbation.
Joey's purchase of two fully grown pandas was just another part of his endless cashturbation.
by greenknight04 December 20, 2009

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Describes an occurrence in a movie where a character is not in fact that character, but rather a clone of the character. Can more generally describe any situation where in a character turns out to be merely a clone of the character they were expected to be.
I didn't expect that Dr. Sparkman was actually a clone of himself- it was a clonespiracy!
by greenknight04 January 02, 2010

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Tools or goods used for the survival of a major catastrophe/apocalypse.
Oh look, bobby! A combination flash light/flame thrower! This is great catastrophenalia!
by greenknight04 September 15, 2010

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Descriptor for any individual who becomes infuriated, possibly to the point of demonic possession, whenever somebody else touches their tools.
When I tried to take Dave's hammer without his permission, he went ctoolu on me.
by greenknight04 January 03, 2010

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