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An oxymoron.
MTV's The Real World: a drunken roommate sleeps with her best friend's boyfriend and the next morning, gets into an ugly fight with her friend. The production team breaks it up, the camera turns to clips of ambulances arriving at the house, and a week after it happened they act like nothing ever happened.

The actual real world: the friend sues the roommate on assault, battery, & defamation charges. The roommate is forced to work 1 full-time job and 2 part-time jobs in order to pay for the court settlement & a cheap apartment right next to the airport in order to get by.
by gr33kbo1 February 03, 2010

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An insult directed to people, usually males, who haven't had sexual intercourse yet. The time when it actually becomes an insult starts with "18-year old virgin" joke and climaxes with the epic "40-year old virgin". However, after 40, the joke & the virgin become too sad to bring up anymore.
"Ha. "___" Year-old virgin.

***a Year later***"

Haha! 18 year-old virgin!"

***Six years later***

"Haha! 24 year-old virgin! Hahahaha!"

***Seven years later***

"HAHAHAHA! 31 year-old virgin!!!"

***Nine years later***


***A year later***

"Dude that's just sad"
by gr33kbo1 March 02, 2010

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The hero of good grammer; it helps seperate the differences between college-level opinions & YouTube comments.
Man without commas we'd all be screwed because not only do commas help us create sentences but they stop sentences from running on but they help connect phrases that wouldn't normally be considered sentences. Thanks commas


Man, without commas we'd all be screwed because, not only do commas stop sentences from running on, but they help connect phrases that would not normally be considered sentences. Thanks, commas.
by gr33kbo1 February 24, 2010

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A nicer way of telling someone to "shut up" (as there is no noise allowed in a library).
Randy, save it for the library.
by gr33kbo1 May 23, 2010

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The first word cannot start without the latter, and we all think the latter cannot happen without the first.
War & peace are the roller coaster of decisions the world makes.
by gr33kbo1 February 23, 2010

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The silly word that comes out of children's and preteen's mouths when they don't know how to pronounce 'hors d'oerves'. Can lead to some interesting converstations.
Mrs. Connor, I really like your horse dervees. My favorite is the one with the cheese on a stick.
by gr33kbo1 July 29, 2010

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An obitchuary is a term used to describe a place where the local residents will most likely harm the prostitutes working under a pimp(s), hurting business.

1. To the poorer, more ghetto pimps, the word is to threaten or scare the prostitutes working under them. A common phrase found in the ghetto is "sendin' a bitch to the obitchuary".

2. To the more wealthy, high-class pimps, the term is mostly used as a geological term used to describe and figure out where the safest and most profitable areas are in town, and where the most dangerous & unprofitable places as well.

Both meanings carry a negative connotation
Poor pimp: Hey yo bitch, don't make me send you to da 'bitchuary, ya hear?

Prostitute: Sorry daddy

Poor pimp: That's right, bitch. Now go out and make me more money!


Rich pimp #1: Do you think we should send out some girls out into the Tower District after midnight to increase profits?

Rich pimp #2: Nah, brotha. The Tower District turns into an obitchuary after 1 A.M.
by gr33kbo1 June 30, 2010

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