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1. stereotypical belief: wears black clothing and dark make up, listens to heavy rock and metal. is depressed and worships satan. talks about suicide and self harms. writes deep and dark poetry to make people think their cool and dark.

the truth: goths arent always deppressed and suicidal, this can be applied to any click, chavs, townies etc can be just as depressed and suicidal as the stereotypical goth.
most are fun loving, and arent worried about what other people think. they will do and listen, like and dislike anything they want and arent worried about the latest fashions and trends.
they wont 'go after' people just because they feel like it, they'll take a beating from a group of chav's, without backing out to find their 'posse'.

2. an east german tribe who left Scandinavia to settle in poland. In the 3rd and 4th centuries, they terrorised the Roman Empire and adopted Arianism. they divided into visigoths and ostrogoths
(for #1)

chav: theres a goth lets go deck him innit son!
goth: hey, why? what'd i do to you?
chav: you dissen me bruv?
goth: erm..what?

(goth's friends appear from the shadows)
goths friends: problem?

chavs: nah, nah blood, is all good innit.
* runs away in terror *
by goth_bunny May 17, 2007
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chavette's are the female vesion of a chav. they are simple to spot,you will probably hear them before you see them.
they are normally 14 year old girls, often from council estates, hanging around outside macdonalds. they wear designer, or knock off designer clothing, track suit bottoms, mini skirts, so much jewlery its amazing they can even lift the middle finger they frequently air to passers by. hoop earrings so big you can put a parrot on it and a 'croydon facelift'; hair so tightly pulled back their eyebrows *whats left after excessive plucking* reach their hairline.
they will have a pram, possibly not their own child as it is a fashionable acsessory to have, little brothers/sisters/cousins etc will suffice until they can have their own, usually through a drunken fumble with another chav
chav girl 1: darren done got me up the duff innit? he sez he aint gunna stick by it and i'm all like, pssh, forget you man, i aint needing no man to brin' up dis kid you get me?
chav girl2: yeah yeah, fo sho innit? he aint no ting anyway innit?

( innocent passer by looks in bewilderment at the wild screeching coming from outside macdonalds)
chavettes: what you lookin' at? you got a problem wiv me is it? com on den, you fink you alla dat, innit?

by goth_bunny May 17, 2007
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a 'pet name' for anorexia nervosa.
there are many arguements over the use of this word. some believe the girls who use the ana dont actually have an eating disorder, they just want one, wannabes who try to have an eating disorder and flaunt their lack of calories in blogs such as on xanga,livejournal and myspace.
others believe that ana is simply a lazy way to say anorexia, and cant be bothered to actually type that every time.
whatever you believe, anorexia is not a fad, trend or anything but what it truely is; a disease that ruins lives, not only that of the sufferer. families are torn apart, and lives are lost. anorexia can prevent you from having children, cause heart,liver and kidney problems and cause hair lose.
' ana love.'
'ana is my only friend.'
by goth_bunny May 17, 2007
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a slut is a derogetory term , used in many ways to 'put a girl down'. it isnt something any respectable person would say, it is probably one of the nastiest things you could say about a woman.

1. a pretty girl who the male sex are fond of, much to the disgust of jealous girls.
2. a promiscous girl.
3. a girl who dresses provocately to attract the attention of members of the opposite sex.
4. a forward out going girl, carefree and doesnt care what other people think, will dress and act how she pleases.
girl 1: i hate her, she's such a slut.
girl 2: she thinks shes so pretty just cos the boys like her.

boy 1: i got with gem last night.
boy2: dude! i hear shes a right slut.
by goth_bunny May 17, 2007
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