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What some Policemen call themselves to sound more professional, fancier, or somehow more important.
-Or because they're ashamed to be cops.

Denotes certain Federal-Agents, Fish & Wildlife Officers, Park-Rangers, Border-Patrol, and other such sworn & commissioned professionals who work in important fields of law-enforcement, but who are not necessarily traditional street-cops.

Also used by those Officers who do not want to thought of, or referred to, as Policemen.

Abbreviated as LEO (singular) or LEO's (plural).
"When a cop calls himself a Law-Enforcement Officer, it's like a garbage-man calling himself a Sanitation-Worker, or a clerk calling herself a Sales-Associate."

"Being a Policeman is an honorable-profession. Nothing is more vital to Public-Safety than the humble street-cop; Be proud of who you are, and of what you do."
by goodcop8 November 24, 2007
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