3 definitions by godsp33d

1. The time period where it is ok to karate chop someone/anyone you see.
I was walking in the hallway when a man shouted "karate chop in session!" then he karate chopped me.
by godsp33d August 24, 2009
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1) Someone who uses a Peer-to-Peer downloading tool and constantly seeds information 24/7- not knowing he is wasting his upload speed.

2) cherokee
Not Nikko:
Man i seeded Dungeon Siege for 300 gigs

by godsp33d September 7, 2009
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When someone eats to much fish then they feel like crap, and their stomach hurts.

Not Nikko:

"Man yesterday I ate fish sticks for lunch then Long John Silver's for dinner. I feel kinda sick."


"Sounds to me like you have the CATFISH SHITS."
by godsp33d September 2, 2009
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