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A beautiful state to take a stroll. I highly recommend south providence for its cultural diversity and ghettos. If you have time walk down federal hill yelling "Wop" and then run for cover in Olneyville.
Massholes and yuppie Connecticut folk stay out.
by Gino December 17, 2003
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Two meanings::
(1) What you say to a friend (female/male) when you don't wanna hook up.

(2) What you say to a friend(female/male) when you do wanna hook up but dont wanna to seem so eager, when in all reality you are.
(1) "I've always liked you, but I don't want to ruin our friendship"
by Gino July 11, 2004
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lives in woodbridge and pumps his gino beats with a smoke in one hand and a cell in the other
look at that shooter driving down highway 7
by gino October 02, 2003
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A modern day contraction of the words is and house.
Ramzy: Where is that hoe daneen at?

Gino: Ain't she filming that anal gang bang in the izhouse?
by Gino May 13, 2004
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(v.) to think about getting a blow job all the time
He can't stop thoding all he wants is his dick in that girls mouth
by Gino April 08, 2005
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Someone who has the personality of a grandmother by the time they are a teenager
Yo that bannworth cant stop worrying about me jizzing on her couch nigga
by Gino April 07, 2005
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1.) Something undescribable
You:Hey, i made you a present for your birthday!

Other: Wow, thanks, what is it?

You: Well ... it's a ... flardladl
by Gino April 03, 2004
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