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A city in Rhode Island with a population consisting mainly of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans, it can tend to get a little stabby. Once a booming mill city along the river, It's population's main income is welfare and drugs, although there is a thriving Barber Shop/Auto Accessory market. Exorbitant sums of government grant money has recently been used to build an enormous new High School, it has been historically unaccredited, and has 2,000 freshmen, 1,500 sophomores, 12 juniors and a graduating class of 2.

Care should be taken by the outsider when driving through the south side, as everyone from the smallest barely clothed children all the way up to the belligerent drunken day laborer, and everyone in between enjoys jumping into traffic without looking, double and triple parking(they think it's legal if the hazard lights are on), and opening doors into your moving vehicle.

All in all the city government is corrupt, it's school system broken, and it's residents too. Rent is cheap, Restaurants ESL, police incompetent, drugs available, and stabbings plentiful.

On Broad st. in Providence, you can get a haircut at 23 different barber shops, a car stereo at 28 separate locations, Crack, weed, heroin, Dunkin' Donuts, a handgun, 19 Merengue Night Clubs, 29 "Chimmy" trucks, prostitutes, stabbed and arrested. All on a half mile stretch of poorly maintained road.
south providence is not the place to go as a tourist.
by Rhodeislander November 09, 2013
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