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an 80s band who,as previously stated, contributed a lot of hits back in the day.

most notably now, however, was their song "mad world", covered by gary jules for the film donnie darko.
"i find it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad, the dreams in which im dying are the best ive ever had. i find it hard to tell you, cause i find it hard to take, when people run in circles its a very very... MADDD WORLDDDD." -taken from mad world, by tears for fears
by ghettostarchild June 19, 2007

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the term downward spiral is commonly used to describe depression and/or drug abuse, but can be applied to anything that starts out bad and just gets worse and worse and worse.

a downard spiral is illustrated in the book and movie Requiem For A Dream.

basic plot-

use a drug once
use it again
and again
and again
get an addiction
spend all your money on your addiction
start selling the drug to make money to pay for the addiction
use the drugs for yourself instead of selling them to pay for your own (why you should never sell the drug you do, if you sell at all)
fuck yerself over so badly you die, possibly from overdose, maybe you get shot by a drug dealer, maybe you kill yerself because you realize youve fucked your life over.
person1: i heard some girl died.. what happened?
person2: she was fine, then she got a crush on a guy who did drugs, so she started to do drugs, then became a junkie, then overdosed, and is now six feet under.
person1: oh, thats sad.
person2: just the typical downward spiral. happens all the time...
person1: ...that sucks.
person2: basically. lets go eat ice cream.
person1: deal.
by ghettostarchild September 08, 2007

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day of show- as in tickets being sold on the day of a show. most commonly used on music posters for small venues regarding the difference in price between pre-show tickets and day of show tickets.
"hey dude, you going to that show on friday?"
"yea, man. how much is it to get in?"
"i think the poster i saw said 10 for advanced (seen as "adv") and 12 for day of show (seen as "dos")."
by ghettostarchild June 18, 2007

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v: to steal / to be stolen or taken

to steal something in the same fashion that lil wayne steals beats.
dude1: hey, did you see that kids new car? that whip was hot.
dude2: fuck that, you know he lil wayned that shit.
by ghettostarchild October 08, 2007

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a douchebag spelling of heroin chic
jeremy: To be or to appear like a heroine addict, but to take it one step further and stylize your addictness. This includes frail, thin arms, largely exposed collarbones, thin bleached blonde hair. Often seen with a "tobacco cigarette" in their hands.

"shes so heroine chic right now."
by ghettostarchild September 08, 2007

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1. a young girl, usually between the ages 12 and 15, who dresses in revealing, tight, and age-innapropriate clothing primarily to recieve attention from older men ( most likely boys between the ages of 16 and 19).

2. a girl younger than 18 who has sex for money or drugs.

3. a girl who, like def 1., is younger than 15 and willingly participates in sexual activities with older boys because she thinks it is cool. these girls are sometimes even the instigatores or shameless flirting with previously uninterested boys because they need the attention.

prostitots under each definition most likely have a father who didnt love them enough when they were toddlers.
def 1-
boy1: did you see bryans little sister today? she looked HOTT in those tyte ass white jeans.
boy2: dude, shes fucking 13.
boy1: so, she doesnt look like it.
boy2: yea, i see imprisonment for statutory rape in your near future.
boy1: hey, its not illegal to look.
boy2: whatever, its not like she would doing anything with you anyway. she just a 13 year old tease... fucking prostitot.

def 2-
dude1: jeez, how old is she? *points to girl sucking dick in corner*
dude2: i dunno. cant be more then 16... isnt that the dealer you bought from a while back?
dude1: yea... ill bet shes turnin tricks.
dude2: can you say prostitot?
dude1: ... yea, i can. why?
by ghettostarchild June 19, 2007

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first off, the postal service and catch 22 are not in any way shape or form "heartcore."

the other deff that no one has mentioned is the clothing company that specializes in shirt graphics.

often favored by sceney boppers and emo kids.
person1: hey, thats a cute shirt. whered you get it?
person2: its heartcore. i got it on their website.
person1: oh cool. is that a dinosour or a llama?
person2: im not sure.... but its cute tho, right?
person1: totally.
by ghettostarchild August 15, 2007

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