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Rishton is a town in Lancashire largely populated by decent people but has a higher than average quota of inbred genetic mutants that look like they have just crawled out of a nuclear reactor. Poor facial muscles in many of these throwbacks lead to a 'slack-jawed yokel' effect whilst their knuckles drag along the shit-covered pavements.

In between getting each other pregnant as fast as possible, the main hobbies of these unwashed scum trolls include waiting for the dole, spending the dole, claiming benefits, smoking weed, smoking their mates' weed, smoking their mates' sister's weed, shagging their mate's sister, shagging their own sister and then queuing up for more benefits.

Washing only takes place when the smell becomes so bad that all five family Rottweillers start retching up but soap dodging is a sure fire way of getting laid in Rishton. This is helped if your teeth look like they've been coloured in with a black felt tip and your breath smells like you've recently swallowed Dot Cotton's ashtray.

Tracksuits are still de rigeur in Rishton, preferably if they haven't been washed since 1987 and the crowning glory is a baseball cap that hasn't been washed at all. Women must show a couple of inches of grubby thong pulled above the waistline and men must have one hand right down the front of their pants AT ALL TIMES.
by GetMeOutOfHere December 17, 2013
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perhaps the hickest town in the state of pennsylvania. Complete with it's own store for mobile homes (no lie) and every new years they have a "pickle drop." the combined iq of the entire town is about 2. They have nothing to do other than drink, hunt, have sex, talking about sex, and pick their noses. If offered, don't ever go there. Some people there like to pretend they have an idea of what is going on in the real world but don't let them fool you, they probably only know what's happened in this weeks issuse of outdoor weekly.
"Look at that kid wearing hunting camo going into walmart, he must be from dillsburg"
by getmeoutofhere February 25, 2007
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