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An abbreviation for Magic Online with Digital Objects

The original project name for Wizards of The Coast's Magic: Online
Last night I got some MODO draftage going on.
by gesis January 29, 2005
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A slang term used to acknowledge that someone has AIDS.
Dude, freddy mercury got pinned with the red badge of gayness.
by gesis January 29, 2005
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Term used by the BSP crew when refering to anything negative. Mainly used when no other term will suffice.
God damned fucking mother-fucking knock-knock as fucking knock-knockhead
by gesis March 21, 2003
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A general phrase describing anything, in any situation... originated from "knock knock messenger."
1) Man, that's just... "knock knock."
2) Fucking knock knockin' bullshit!
3) That's one knock knock hat.
by gesis September 18, 2003
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