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After the 2008 financial crisis, the world economy needed saving, but the Federal Reserve gave a bunch of newly printed money to the Primary Dealers instead.
by George Stuffalottapuss May 10, 2012

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phi-nan-shull teh-wō-wist

1. Any person or entity that knowingly and willingly distorts the financial markets and/or the economy at large for their own personal benefit or political benefit at the expense of a large body politic.

Examples include:
by George Stuffalottapuss December 30, 2011

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dee-pawt-ment uv ed-yoo-kay-shun

1. The Communist institution that centralizes education at the federal level of the United States government.

2. The parasitical administration that pats themselves on the back for simultaneously brainwashing America's children and draining resources from actual workers who actually produce something of value.

3. Financial Terrorists who distort the market for student loans by artificially moving the supply of loans outward, thereby raising tuition costs.
The Department of Education gave away loans indiscriminately to would-be college students, allowing universities to increase their prices astronomically given this neverending supply of capital.
by George Stuffalottapuss January 03, 2012

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1. A small town in New Hampshire. The most desirable place to live on the planet.
George had an opportunity to live in Honolulu, New York City, Munich, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro, but chose to live in Raymond instead.
by George Stuffalottapuss January 02, 2012

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1. A reverse dichotomy of the words haste and patience.
2. The act of being hastient.
3. Of or related to the act of outwardly expressing patience whilst suppressing internal feelings of haste.

Not to be confused with Hatians -- nationals of the country of Haiti, or Haisans -- Asians living in Haiti, Hastience is a human quality and trait expressed by many individuals on a day to day basis within the queued, monotonous, institutional, repetitious, cyclical, unfulfilling construct of society colloquially known as "modernity."
Joe expressed astounding hastience as he waited to be anally probed by the TSA agents on his flight to Chicago so as not to be perceived as anxious or threatening lest he get full-on fisted.

Barry hastiently awaited for his girlfriend to be done with her period so that he could properly get his rocks off without sacrificing hygiene or fidelity.

Related forms:

by George Stuffalottapuss December 13, 2011

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A hyper-egotistical poetic war of words and linguistic play.
The following is an example from Epic Rap Battles of History, a YouTube series

Miley Cyrus:
Let me guess, You're just here to hate
Well you can stand in the autograph line and wait
Cause I'm all twerk, I got all day
To Spit harsh words in this French maid's face
You died a virgin girl, who you think you're messing with?
It's Miley Cyrus, I'm the hottest thing since Britney, Bitch!
I'm getting lifted on that molly, get that party turned up
You getting lifted on a stake, get that body burned up
Had enough? It's my habit, when I grab the mic I milk it
You could say this rap is like my alter ego, cause I killed it!

Joan of Arc:
Lord, forgive me for the words I speak
I know the voices of the angels tell me to turn the other cheek
But I'm about to rip Hannah Montana's tongue out through here teeth
Je suis la fille en feu call me Katniss Everdeen
When it comes to bad bitches, I'm the patron saint
But I only get down on my knees when it's time to pray
I came to Frenchmen's aid in the time of need
Cause I'm the Maid of Orleans, You're the Mardi Gras beads, honey
My father taught me things your daddy couldn't teach ya
Your highest calling was a text from Wiz Khalifa
You gotta die for something, Miley, just picture your epitaph
Had the world watching, chose to show them all her flat ass
by George Stuffalottapuss November 09, 2013

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noun, rapist.

1. Recently bankrupted multinational financial institution headed by a former US Federal Government securities regulator.

2. A company run to the ground by former New Jersey senator, New Jersey governor, Goldman Sachs CEO, hypocritical but not atypical advocate for government oversight and regulations of financial institutions, and perpetual serial rapist and financial terrorist, Jon Corzine.
Only the largest, most successful, and most socially beneficial financial institutions are members of the Federal Reserve Bank's list of Primary Dealers, like MF Global.
by George Stuffalottapuss December 30, 2011

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