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1. A reverse dichotomy of the words haste and patience.
2. The act of being hastient.
3. Of or related to the act of outwardly expressing patience whilst suppressing internal feelings of haste.

Not to be confused with Hatians -- nationals of the country of Haiti, or Haisans -- Asians living in Haiti, Hastience is a human quality and trait expressed by many individuals on a day to day basis within the queued, monotonous, institutional, repetitious, cyclical, unfulfilling construct of society colloquially known as "modernity."
Joe expressed astounding hastience as he waited to be anally probed by the TSA agents on his flight to Chicago so as not to be perceived as anxious or threatening lest he get full-on fisted.

Barry hastiently awaited for his girlfriend to be done with her period so that he could properly get his rocks off without sacrificing hygiene or fidelity.

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by George Stuffalottapuss December 13, 2011
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