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1. A reverse dichotomy of the words haste and patience.
2. Outwardly expressing patience whilst suppressing internal feelings of haste.

Not to be confused with Hatians -- nationals of the country of Haiti, or Haisans -- Asians living in Haiti, Hastience is a human quality and trait expressed by many individuals on a day to day basis in the queued, monotonous, institutional, repetitious, cyclical, unfulfilling construct of society known as "modernity."

Every US presidential candidate is hastient with regard to their ascension to the Presidency. Once they get there, they're just psychopaths on a rampage at the helm of the largest and most powerful military ever known to humankind.

Whilst awaiting for his boyfriend to climax, Tosh subconsciously gave his man 0 points as he hastiently took it up his now inflamed anus so as not to hurt his haisian man's feminine sensitivity, especially since they had just run out of Cialis.
by George Stuffalottapuss December 13, 2011
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