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kazaz is just random coolness or some thing amazing hte word kazaz is use by scruffy the ganitor in an episode of futurarma where he states "scruffys gunan get himself one of those $300 haircuts because his ones lost its kazaz"
generic person A: oh man my pony has lost its kazaz

person B: if u paojt it purple then the kazaz should return
by generic boy7 June 21, 2006
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tom hug a hug given by a man that makes ypu feel astho it was given by a woman. tom hugs are often given by tipsy/drunken men who cant get a girl.
me: oh man i cant belive that dude just gave me a tom hug wot dus he think i am gay of sumthing it makes it worse that my girl was watchin
mate3: yer he tried to hug me to but i maced him in the eye and tazerd him in the groin wot a pleb fish.
by generic boy7 June 19, 2006
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sharnie save is the act/crime of pressing the save button on word or a similar program is often done by blonde dumb ginger gays or retards its not big its not cleer and its fucking annoying
generic lad: why the fuck are u attempting to sharnie save it makes u look like a dufus i hope u get molested by a fat hairy woman with a beard.

retard: duh!!! the more times i press the save button the better my work gets saved obviously.
by generic boy7 June 20, 2006
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fish a word that can be added at the end of a sentence for comedic effect or just to add a certain random kazaz to your sentence eg: whore fish, pleb fish , jew fish , gay fish and so on and so fourth
generic lad3: hahaha ur mums a whore fish and u drive a volvo u cheap ass gay fish

random: aww i cant argu ur use of the word fish has made we want to consume my own body weight in chocolate and salted snacks.
by generic boy7 June 19, 2006
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raiden can be used to discribe any gay person that you dont like because lets face it mgs 2 would be an awesome game if it didnt have raidne in it and even the presidnt in mgs thinks raiden is a woman hence the gay ass groin grabbing scene man that is mentally scarring and also the naked bit is not nice to avoid being scarred by naked raidne equip a box as soon as you find it then u can be semi clothed and not have to look at gay boy raiden.
me: dude come out and stop being a raiden

random mate4: nah i dnt want to come out i want to stay in a download gay porn insted of gettin pissed with fuck loads of girls and my mates.
by generic boy7 June 26, 2006
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