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When someone is so stupid when asked to make up a plan they come up with something so dumb and plain it works brilliantly.
Kido: we tried to infiltrate the school and got frekamorphic boy to do the plan in how we get in without getting caught

Commander X: What!? Are you stupid! He could have got you caught! You would have never got into that building! How the hell did you get in?

Kido: We went through the back door.
by gekotec August 05, 2006

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Class c is a category of drugs. For example, All drugs that have less physical and mental effects on the human body then a class B or class A drug is a class C drug. The higher in class the drug is, when caught handling results in different amounts of punishment. Heroin is a Class A drug, and results in heavy punishment when one is caught handling it.
Officer: Your under arrest for the suspicion of handling a class c drug, anything you will and may say will be used as evidence against you in the court of law.

to days later

Judge Judy: Because you where handling a class c drug, you have 3 years punishment (Handling Class B or A is longer, nearly double the years in prison).
by gekotec August 05, 2006

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To crack or fix a softwareto perform illegal actions prohibited by the manafacturer. For example, adding a fix to a game can turn a trial version to a full version game without paying. The person who programmes the fix can make the fix do anything, whether that is to repair your game or destroy it etc etc. People make illegal fix's to repair a games faults or errors, programmers can also make fix's enhance a games graphics, volume controls, make it run without a cd etc etc.
K: I downloaded a free £700 software in trial version form and added a fix to turn it into the full thing without having to pay a penny.

J: what program was that?

K: Style XP

J: Really! I bought that the other day!

K: Haha
by gekotec August 05, 2006

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