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A budget hotel (especially in Asian counties) where couples or adulterous spouses can have discreet sexual encounters.

In many Asian countries housing is dense and there is a stigma about being heard while having sex.

Love Motels, as they are popularly referred to, are stocked with sex toys, sex chairs, a free XXX video shelf, and "couples" bath tubs.

Also, when young couples travel they often can not afford nicer accommodations, so they patronize these ubiquitous establishments.

*In Konglish, Koreans say or text mt for "Love Motel"
"Seoul is expensive, but there are some clean love motels close to some of the sights."

"We stayed at a love motel that had a dildo vending machine."
by gdolezal February 17, 2009
The novel corona virus known as covid-19, which originated in Wuhan, China.
My gig got canceled due to wu flu.
by gdolezal March 13, 2020
As in Konglish, meaning the literal act of dying due to lack of ventilation (especially in a car or restroom).

Koreans will leave windows open even in the dead of winter to avoid the ugly specter of fan death. Ironically, when they go through tunnels they close the windows, selecting the lesser of two evils.

The Korean government has statistics for the number of fan deaths that occur each year. Some theories posit that these deaths are actually the result of domestic violence, which the government denies.
Foreigner: "It's zero degrees, why are the windows open?"

Korean: "Fan death."
by gdolezal February 17, 2009
Similar to the common backpacker in that they also travel alone or in pairs rather than using tours, and carry the eponymous trekking pack; however they typically are in their 30s and 40s with enough income to stay in guesthouses instead of dorm rooms.

They stay for shorter periods of time and are winning to pay for the fastest or most comfortable means of transportation (but not exclusively).

These travelers might be former backpackers who aren't going to argue over the price of a beer, but still aren't traveling in luxury.

Also, a derogatory term used by backpackers (who also carry gadgets) to describe someone who no longer feels the romance of sleeping with cockroaches or riding the chicken bus.
"Those flashpackers are so inauthentic - I mean, I went 8 days without showering."
by gdolezal December 24, 2019
The gentle art of matching identical clothes with a significant other (especially t-shirts).

It is not uncommon to see entire matching outfits, including shoes and accessories. Occasionally entire families and done up head to toe in matching outfits.

Most commonly seen in East Asian countries, but there have been sightings of such airbrushed classiness on the U.S. Gulf Coast.
"On the beach I saw lots of couple tees today."

"Oh my God, are those three guys wearing couple swimming trunks?"
by gdolezal February 17, 2009
1. Country songs about public policy.

A play on the music genre honky tonk named after the seedy bars where this baudy country style was born and the term wonk for political information junkies.

There have always been protest songs about activism for as long as there has been folk music. Woody and Arlo Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and other political bands like R.E.M. or Rage Against the Machine have made careers out of including politics in their music.

There have also been plenty of patriotic country songs with some political references, but until now there has never been an entire genre devoted entirely to rapping about the specifics of public policy in a rowdy saloon-style country flavor.

The downside is that musicians often lack sufficient wonk and many activists are lacking in tonk.
He's a true wonky tonk singer - I feel I really understand house bill #137 in way I never did before, and I also feel a bit drunk.
by gdolezal June 15, 2011