11 definition by galaxysprfx

A woman that, on public forums, writes explicit sexual activity to men and supports men who have stalked and harassed other women.
The slobberslut is the most popular woman on the forum.
by galaxysprfx October 23, 2016

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noun -fucking stupidity, can also be used as and adjective - fupid - fucking stupid
Your fupidity is preventing your understanding of the situation
by galaxysprfx July 08, 2015

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A man who is a downer, depressed, glass half-full, woe-is-me.
George is a real David Downer.
by galaxysprfx August 25, 2010

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large numbers of people, trolls, complaining in droves about one person on an internet forum.
I was gangmailed on a forum and was banned temporarily.
by galaxysprfx August 14, 2010

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