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1. (n) The term used for an appealing rear-end. Often on the large side. Most frequently belongs to a woman of color (but there are exceptions). 2. (n) A booty so irrestible, you want to squeeze it. 3. (n) A sandwich made of two thick meat patties, grilled to perfection and dripping with juices
(Lyrics by Sir Mix-A-Lot, Baby got Back): I want 'em real thick and juicy
So grab that juicy double

1. That's the juiciest double I've ever seen
2. Oooh look at her in that JC Penney pant suit, she look so fine, gimme a piece of that juicy double!
3. Would you like to supersize that juicy double?
by gafhater August 13, 2004

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(n) A five o'clock shadow above the upper lip that looks like a line of dirt, rather than a moustache. Usually seen on greasy adolescent boys. Not uncommon in women.
Joe shaved and shaved his upper lip so he could fit in and have a moustache like Pedro. Well indeed Joe was not as hairy as Pedro, and developed only a dirt stache instead.
by gafhater August 13, 2004

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1. A total babe
2. The highest ranking on the pyramid of hotness
You should have seen this girl. She was a total hottie mc-hot-hot. I wanted to bone her.
by gafhater August 13, 2004

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Slang term for a woman's breasts. Usually referring to breasts on the larger side. Syn: jugs, knockers, melons, tig ole bitties
1. Betsy's jagungas are too large for the modern day sports bra. She must buy custom-made undergarments.
2. "Ahhh! My jagungas!," shouted Gretchen as Ronald threw an empty diaper box at her chest.
by gafhater August 13, 2004

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(Noun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb)

See examples.
1. That neon pink zipper pull on his windbreaker coat is SO cladge!

2. You had to go and cladge it up, didn't you?

3. Quincy, why don't you quit being such a cladge and take your hands off that man's belongings?

4. If you had just acted a little more cladgely then we could have made it to the polka party on time.
by gafhater December 06, 2004

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Two small ponytails worn at the top of the head.
Gaf is wearing gaftails again. What a surprise.
by gafhater August 12, 2004

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Originally derived from the modern word fag, gaf describes an unlikeable person. One who says "What the heck" a lot, and comments to him/herself. One who has no clue as to his/her surroundings.

Characteristics of GAF:
-Usually petite, with blonde hair
-Wears shirts with queer sayings such as "99% devil, 1% angel"; "Spoiled rotten"; "BRAT"
-Likes to giggle and smirk while muttering to self
-Wears gaftails
Look at Gaf, she just picked her spandex wedgie.
by gafhater August 12, 2004

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