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4 definitions by gLiTcH();

The most technical and advanced Minecraft server in existence with users that are the finest minds of their generation.
The SciCraft members managed to obtain the first bedrock item in survival mode.
by gLiTcH(); October 30, 2020
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The only man to provide evidence for a "your mom" joke.
Scout: "What are you, president of his fan club?"
Spy: "No... That would be your mother!"
*slams down folder full of pictures of the Spy with the Scout's mother*
by gLiTcH(); December 14, 2020
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A Corn Dog Shot is a scene in a video or movie that uses up lots of a particular item to film. The term originates from an episode of Scott The Woz in which several corn dogs were consumed over the course of filming one scene.
Ted: How did the filming go last night?
John: It was awful, we had a Corn Dog Shot and went through 13 beers in a single scene.
by gLiTcH(); October 8, 2020
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Code for looking up shit that you really shouldn't be looking at.
John: What are you doing online at 3 in the morning?
Seth: Uhh.... Investigative Journalism.
John: Christ, what was it this time?
by gLiTcH(); January 5, 2021
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