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(N.) The deadly disease that crippled 98% of the world, back in 1996. It was quickly cured, and went away fast, though.
(Spanish Gibberish) Hey Macarena! All Right!
by G-Union May 19, 2003
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(N.) A hilarious sketch comedy show on Comedy Central that is known for being America's #1 source of offensive humor. In fact, it really is the ONLY thing funny on Comedy Central. It has been renewed for a second season and unless Comedy Central plans to pull a "FOX", it seems to be here to stay for a while.
Interviewer: "Thank You, Lil' Jon."
Chappelle as Lil Jon: "What?!"
Interviewer: "Thank You, Lil' Jon."
Chappelle as Lil Jon: "What?!"
Interviewer: "Thank You, Lil' Jon."
Chappelle as Lil Jon: "What?!"
Interviewer: "Thank You, Lil' Jon."
Chappelle as Lil Jon: "What?!"
Interviewer: "Thank You, Lil' Jon."
Chappelle as Lil Jon: "OKAY!"
by G-Union March 18, 2004
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(N.) The comic cousin to Peter Griffin, the star of the Adult Swim/Cartoon Network show, "Family Guy." Family Guy is funny, and so is Peter Griffin, but Kathy Griffin is about as funny as Saturday Night Live. (you make up your own minds.)
Kathy Griffin is the host of the show "Average Joe," but that show's garbage compared to Spike TV's Masterpiece, "The Joe Schmo Show."
by G-Union November 11, 2003
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Age: 36
Height: 5'6" (Not counting the 3 Feet of hair)
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Blue #56
Real Hair Color: Grey/Greyish (like Patty and Selma)
Fear: Of Flying
Three Favorite Things: Her Family, Cleaning, and Cooking
If Marge did keep the implants, and lowered her hair to make it long and silky, I'd call her a MILF too. (What about (Stacy's Mom?) Otherwise, Marge is too normal.
by G-Union February 24, 2004
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(N.) Homer Simpson's (II) Catch phrase in the short-lived Fox Dramedy, "Police Cops." Originally, a suave, stereotypical Policeman, Homer Simpson (II) was retooled into a fat, bumbling, Chris-Farley-esque doofus, who's catchphrase was always "Uh-Oh-Spaghetti-O's!" which was taken from the pasta of the same name.
Homer: "I just helped out in the Toys-for-Guns program."
Chief: "Homer! It's Guns-For-Toys!"
Homer: "Uh-oh spaghetti-o's"
by G-Union November 25, 2003
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(N.) Annoying advertisements between TV shows.
Celebrity Counsel of Commerical Assholes-
1. Jim, the Snapple Guy (Boo!)
2. The "Can you Hear Me Now?" Guy (Boo!)
3. The Sprint Wireless Detective (he's okay.)
4. The "Where's the Beef?" old Lady (now dead!)
5. Judge Reinhold (your honor...)
6. The DiGourno's Delivery Boy (sucks)
7. That God damn AFLAC Duck! (the guy who does the voice of Iago the Parrot in Aladdin)
8. That Insipid 7UP Guy! (I hate him!)
9. The original 7UP Guy! (orlando jones)
10. That damn dancing dnL Leprachaun! (Boo!)
by G-Union December 18, 2003
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(N.) 1. A movie that triggers horror or fear in those that watch it.
2. The best movies spoof since Kung Pow: Enter The Fist.
3. Any movie that has a Music Artist as the main star of the film.
1. Nightare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween are all Scary Movies.
2. Why the f*ck is Ja Rule in Scary Movie 3!?
3. It's going to be a scary Halloween this year, where we gather around to watch such scary movies as "Crossroads" and "How to Deal."
by G-Union November 05, 2003
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