24 definition by g-money

Boom Boom Sucky Sucky
when you want to go get a massage from the chinese parlor and you get BBSS. you get to have sex with them and they suck you off. BOOM BOOM!!! SUCKY SUCKY!!!
by G-Money July 20, 2004

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somebody who sells drugs on the corner
the cops let all the dope boys run east clifton ave in cincinnati
by g-money August 22, 2004

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Mentally having sexual intercourse with a person.
I gnaped 7 hot girls on my way back from class today.
by g-money April 02, 2003

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N. A contraction of the phrase "Fat Kitten", meaning just that. This is a word meaning large, obese, or fat cat; usually refers to a female cat.
Dude, that cat Starko is such a fitten.
by G-money January 06, 2005

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A generic conceptual term for the vehicle or conveyance used to get to work or school after a late night of partying, especially when accompanied by a hangover.
- Carly looks like shit!
- Yeah, she took the struggle bus into work today.
by G-Money August 31, 2007

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Sixty Bucky No Fucky
When you go to get a massage without release.... you give the chinese girls Sixty Bucky and you get No Fucky!
by G-Money July 20, 2004

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A combination of shit and balls.
I had some shazenaid salad and it was good.
by G-Money August 01, 2003

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