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Fust is a general expletive used in New Zealand to express frustration or disapproval. Fust is often used as an inoffensive substitute for the word 'Fuck'.

Fust can be also used to describe a person or situation that is pointless, useless or generally cringeworthy.
'Oh my god this party is fust'
'Fust off'
'Jade and Dion are so fust'
by fustguy June 13, 2014

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'Good Yok' is a pharse spoken in the christchurch, New Zealand.

The phrase is spoken as a sarcastic retort to something a person might find laughable or untrue. 'good Yok' essentially means 'good joke'

It is not established whether 'Yok' is usable as a standalone word, some argue that there are no 'Yoks', only 'good Yoks'.

An alternative spelling of Yok can be Jok.
Person 1: "Are you going to kate's party?"
Person 2: "Good Yok!"

Person 1: "Did you do well in the test?"
Person 2: "Yea, Good Yok"
by fustguy June 25, 2014

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Utes is the spoken form of the acronym 'Utf' meaning 'up to fucks'.

'Utf' evolved into Utes because of the obvious difficulty in saying 'Utf' as a single word easily in conversation. Utes originates in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Utes is used generally to describe a person or situation that doesn't fulfill any purpose and therefore does nothing.
'Man that guy is so utes, he doesn't do anything'
'This party is utes, there's no one here'
by fustguy June 13, 2014

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Urban dictionary.
crap. you heard me.
by fustguy July 10, 2014

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