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Fust is a general expletive used in New Zealand to express frustration or disapproval. Fust is often used as an inoffensive substitute for the word 'Fuck'.

Fust can be also used to describe a person or situation that is pointless, useless or generally cringeworthy.
'Oh my god this party is fust'
'Fust off'
'Jade and Dion are so fust'
by fustguy June 13, 2014
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(1) To mould/become mouldy or to waste away

(2) Just a generally awesome word, to use in generally awesome sentence or just as an outburst because of it's awesomeness.
(1) "Go and fust in the corner"

(2) "Fust. How awesome"
by I Sit Next To You In English December 28, 2010
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To fist fuck. Penetration of a vagina or anus with a fist.
I'm gonna fust the shit outta that skank tonight, her pussy is so loose its like fucking soup.
by BiG nELLs. January 25, 2005
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When you fuck a girl and fist her at the same time, stretching her cunt to be 20 times the size.
Jose: Maria, what's your opinion on fusting?

Maria: Oh, its quite enjoyable.
by GerryThornberg January 09, 2009
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to fust is to lay around one's apartment or house with their best friends in their skivvies and mess around. Actions may include making retarded noises like eeerriiiiiieeee or ugugueuguegu, squeezing eachother's teets, or poking at eachother with toesies that are in dire need of a pedicure. Fusting typically goes hand in hand with shoving food as well.
Let's rent a movie, order a pizza, and stay in tonight and fust.
by fusty mcgee June 21, 2006
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a word created by someone on nitrous oxide one day trying to say shut the fuck up like yoda so she said fust as in fuck up shut the
he was being annoying so i told him to fust
by bretttttttttttttttttttt July 30, 2006
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