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1337speak for YouTube.
#313: l4m3r got a ut00b bog.
by fuekewl May 25, 2007

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"Line of Decency Crossed". Used when an unfamiliar chatter/troll/playa hater/player responds with vivid revulsion to a tongue-in-cheek comment or pWn4G3 shout. Which compels you to recognize the lack of interpersonal skills the chatter/troll/playa hater/player has. This is followed by kicking/banning/ignoring the individual from the chatroom/tourney.
player 313: pWnz0rd n00b! 455 h4nd3d 2 u!
player #2: well my father has a bigger penis than yours.
player 313: LODC
<player #2 is kicked and banned>
by fuekewl December 15, 2006

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leetspeak for a youtube troll. Like a cancerous tumor, the ut00m3r is renowned for trolling comments, being flippant because he was beaten to the posting, or basically has nothing constructive to say. Also see YouTube hater.
#313: That vid was soooo awesome!! I'd like to see more of Dubya getting his 455 handed to him by that circus monkey. Ex-presidents mud-wrestling animals is the shet!
#troll: Your video's stupid!
#313: STFU ut00m3r!
by fuekewl May 25, 2007

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When Apple employees and trendy people laugh aloud at each other's trendy humor.

Stevie: ... and then I said its smooth and aqua-like.
Jawbs: iLOL

More often used when non-trendy folk laugh at design limitations in the Apple product range.
guest #313: ... DRMs and the iPhone's battery cannot be replaced, without returning it back to Apple HQ.

m$ drone: iLOL
by fuekewl July 05, 2007

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