16 definitions by fucko

signifies the need to get rested because of sexual intense activity
fucko: I'll break ya ass bitch!
shucko: oh no please I need to be lacky
by fucko May 9, 2005
Fucko: wa ya doin 2 nite?
kim: sleepin
fucko: flucky ya!
by fucko May 9, 2005
swuck swucked swucked.
means having sex with sthg in the mouth
fucko: may i fuck ya in ass?
shuck: yef buff i goff someffing in my mouff
fucko: so gotta swuck you bitch
shuck: oh yefff
by fucko May 10, 2005
a new use of "fuck"
fucko: may I fuck you in the ass?
shucko: yef you can buf i gof somefing in my mouf vough
fucko: you lacked bitch
shucko: yeff
by fucko May 10, 2005
soft beverage composed of:
1/2 bacardi
1/2 jack daniel's
1/2 vodka
1/2 coca-cola
martin: passssssssss-moi donc un peu d'gardant fruit l'ami!
by fucko May 18, 2005
botlle of kiki, the most famous nick name for whisky. Is to be drunk together with coke or Gardant Fruit.
Eric: Gimme some kiki for fuck's sake!
Nico: want some Ballantine fucko?
Eric: more than that: Ballantine's
by fucko June 20, 2006
As in triple beam balance. A triple beam balance scale used to measure accurate quantities of chemicals and or street drugs. Often used in gangster rap.
"My triple beam lyrical dream"
Notorious BIG
by fucko July 23, 2003