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A large dominant nigger, usually simple to spot by the expression of dominance achieved by keeping the expression on your face blank and looking less evolved than the others living in the "hood". Almost every bad neighborhood has a gorilla nigger and all others are just his porch monkey servants.
"Holy shit look at that gorilla nigger their very rare usually you only see them in captivity in the state pen."
by fuckie the drunk clown March 27, 2010

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A large hairy German who likes to rub balloons on his nipples while yodeling, this is usually done in a tub of jagermeister.
"Hey is that David Hasselhof?" "Yeah it is, he's such a balloon tickler."
by Fuckie the drunk clown April 05, 2014

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a stupid cock loving faggot who lives off the sensation of sucking off little boys in the burger king down the street while trying to steal their wallets.
"Damn that nigga down the street, Tyrone, is such a cockosaur because i saw that homie walking with some kids down to bk and they werent any of his 5 illigitamate kids.
by fuckie the drunk clown March 27, 2010

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