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Also spelled jewed. In refrence to how the jews were treated before and during WWII by the Nazi regime. Indicates being treated terribly. Can also signify having being beaten at something horribly.
"Man I've neve seen someone play like that. You got Jewed by a n00b.
by freefall January 14, 2005
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A geek is a person who is socially excluded from a general population. Unlike nerds, geeks do not necessarily have to be smart. They often create groups among themselves, and generally have these similar characterizations:
-lack of participation in physical activities, such as sports
-an interest in computer
-a crude sense of humor radically different from common society
-a negative attitude toward common society.
Bill Gates was probably a geek in high school, and probably still is today.
by freefall March 29, 2004
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The acronym standing for, "Cash Rules Everything Around Me."
Originating from the Wu Tang Clan, this phrase was popular in the early/mid-ninties when the hit song was released. Unlike many current rap songs, this song stressed the importance of obtaining money, as opposed to spending it. It also showed youth that selling drugs was not a good way to make money, and that hard work and creativity would make more money.
"cash rules everything around me cream get the money, dolla dolla bills yall."
by freefall April 2, 2004
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